ISFC (Intensive Services Foster Care) Social Worker

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The Village Family Services
April 4, 2019
North Hollywood - Los Angeles
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The ISFC Social Worker is responsible for the supervision of the treatment plans for the children on his/her caseload.  The ISFC Social Worker is responsible for working with the child, foster family, natural family, significant others, placing agency, and adjunct treatment persons to enable the child to attain his or her treatment goals. The position requires that the individual be knowledgeable of, and be in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the client population served and the programs provided.  The individual must have the ability to work effectively with others, manage personnel and program issues as they apply to the position.


Additionally, this position is expected to ensure that the core operating values and the strategic direction of the agency are adhered to.

  1. Function as the ICC (Intensive Care Coordinator) team leader and coordinate all treatment and placement activities.
  2. Design and implement each child’s treatment plan in conjunction with the In-Home Support Counselor and Therapist.
  3. Assist in screening, training and selection of foster parents.
  4. Coordinate all activities involving the birth parents (including counseling, court appearances, home visits and reunification efforts).
  5. Provide in-home training and support to the foster parents during weekly meetings.
  6. Provide weekly visits for each child in the foster home and work closely with the ISFC treatment team at least once per week.
  7. Coordinates CFT meetings with treatment team and informal supports; completes all DMH documentation.
  8. Attend all program staff meetings, treatment reviews, IEPs and other agency meetings as necessary.
  9. Meet at least once per week with the ISFC Program Manager or designated supervisor.
  10. Chart weekly progress notes and DMH billing expectations.
  11. Conducts pre-admission screening and admission procedures
  12. Reviews children’s file upon receipt.
  13. Conducts intake meeting with child, natural family (if available), foster family and placement worker.
  14. Completes the intake assessment of the children.
  15. Completes the Intake Packet forms and gives copies of signed forms to all persons who signed the forms. Forms that have yet to be signed by parent/guardian, child, and/or placement worker will need to be mailed out immediately.
  16. Places children in Certified Family Homes.
  17. Develops an Appraisal/Needs Plan with input from the placement worker, the child, and natural parents (if appropriate and available).
  18. Maintains a log of follow-up contact in the child’s file.
  19. Keeps records of allowances for all foster children over four years old and assures allowances are spent appropriately.
  20. Arranges, prepares, and leads all Initial and Quarterly Needs and Services Plans, and types full report within five (5) working days prior to the due date for supervisor’s review. Following supervisor’s approval, copies of these reports are to be sent immediately to the placing agency, and outside therapist (if involved).  Goals are to be given to and discussed with the foster family.
  21. Functions as liaison with the placement agency, the child’s therapist, family, school personnel, supervisor and/or any other adjunct treatment persons. Provides all necessary paperwork for child’s school enrollment and participation in therapy and other activities.
  22. Provides weekly consultation to the foster parent, in the foster home, regarding the child’s treatment. Consultation will consist of discussion of child’s progress towards goals as defined in the Needs and Services Plan, as well as teaching and discussion of therapeutic interventions, disciplinary techniques and foster parent training.
  23. Provides weekly face-to-face visit with each child to accomplish treatment goals, minimum of one of which shall be in the Certified Family Home. If a child has needs that require the services of an outside therapist for a particular issue, the social worker will collaborate with the therapist. This collaboration is necessary for purposes of consistency and support of the written treatment goals.
  24. Documents child’s weekly progress at home, school, and/or work, major incidents, visitation and other significant, collateral contacts.
  25. A continual assessment of the Placed Children will be done to:
  26. Determine if the FFA can meet the Placed Child’s Service needs;
  27. Facilitate and implement the Legal Permanency Plan; The continued development and implementation of the Placed Child’s Needs and Services Plan, including the Transitional Independent Living Plan.
  28. Obtains approval from placement worker prior to allowing any contact between the child and others. Approves and facilitates all ongoing visitations with child.
  29. Encourages foster parent to involve child in community activities and extra-curricular activities.
  30. Completes the initial and continued evaluation, training, and monitoring of the Certified Foster Parents. Provides support services to the Certified Foster Parents including response capability 24 hours a day.
  31. Coordinates child’s discharge with placement worker, foster family and parent/guardian. Provides transportation if necessary.
  32. Submits termination report to the ISFC Program Manager within five (5) days.
  33. Meets with supervisor for a minimum of one hour weekly of individual supervision and case consultation.
  34. Maintains all client files.
  35. Submits all incident reports, home studies and any other documentation to supervisor for approval.
  36. Performs Quarterly foster home inspection and documents to ensure compliance with CCL regulations.
  37. Completes initial home studies on prospective foster parents assigned by supervisor and makes recommendations with required certification. Submits foster parent home study updates to foster parent recruiter for annual re-certification required by CCL.
  38. Completes staff training as required by the agency and CCL.


  1. Ensures educational needs of the children are being met by attending school meetings and IEP meetings.
  2. Assists supervisor with training of new staff.
  3. Prepares materials, attends and teaches on-going foster parent trainings as scheduled.
  4. Attends and/or facilitates foster parent training and support groups as directed by supervisor.
  5. Performs duties as assigned.


  1. A Master’s Degree is required in a field approved by the State Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Regulations or
  2. A Bachelor’s degree in a behavioral science from an accredited college or university and three years of experience in a child welfare program and two years of employment in a licensed FFA. They may be granted an exception provided he/she completes the coursework and field experience requirements specified above.
  3. Bilingual English/Spanish Required
  4. Must possess a valid California Driver’s License.
  5. Statement of sound physical health from a licensed physician, including tuberculin skin test.
  6. Fingerprint clearance from the Department of Justice, FBI and Child Abuse Index.
  7. Must meet all requirements set by Community Care Licensing pertaining to the hiring of employees by a licensed community care facility.
  8. Appropriate experience and education in a related field:
  9. Ability to establish rapport with children and families as well as work effectively within the agency and the social work community at large.


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