Director/VP Administration

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The Village Family Services
March 13, 2019
North Hollywood - Los Angeles
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This role is responsible for the delivery of a group of non-program functions of the agency: facilities, risk management and compliance, and information technology, including EHR systems. The Director/VP Administration will also be responsible for developing and monitoring project schedules making sure necessary resources are available to facilitate project completion and acting as the liaison between the project team and providers. Participates as a member of the senior management team in development and implementation of agency wide objectives, policies and programs that will contribute to overall agency success.



All of the responsibilities listed below are considered essential functions of this position. Additionally, this position is expected to ensure that the core operating values and the strategic direction of the agency are adhered to.

  1. Be proactive to assist COO and other executives to resolve situations before they lead to ethical or legal problems.
  2. Provide technical/professional advice and knowledge to others within the agency as needed.
  3. Continual improvement of the budgeting process for responsible functional areas.
  4. In the area of real estate and facility management, determine adequacy of location from the perspective of logistics for both present as well as future needs of the agency.
  5. In facility management, manage the ongoing provision of activities and services for telecommunications and data systems, building maintenance and construction management, mailroom management, printing and copies.
  6. Recommends action plans to reduce accident and control losses and loss producing conditions.
  7. Manage information and technology needs including, but not limited to: hardware and software application, software development, database administration, financial systems, PC or desktop support, website development and maintenance, intra- and inter-networks, and telecommunication.
  8. Manages construction and maintenance of facilities/building management and equipment.
  9. Identify emerging information technologies to be analyzed and integrated within the agency.
  10. Evaluate and plan for continual improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of functional areas and ensure direct reports access professional and personal growth opportunities
  11. Lend appropriate support to Risk Management and Compliance Manager to ensure compliance with state, federal and laws and regulations, including accreditation
  12. Ensure the Risk Management and Compliance Manager maintains a compliance library, current contracts and agreements and any necessary reference materials and is aware of changes in regulations and/or contracts.
  13. Review policies and procedures and recommends action plans.
  14. Oversees research, data collection, evaluation procedures and statistical report analysis and disseminates findings.
  15. Ensures integration of research outcomes and knowledge management systems in planning and decision-making.
  16. Ensure employee work stations are ergonomically compliant.
  17. Carries out all responsibilities in an honest, ethical, and professional manner.
  18. Excellent internal/external customer service skills and commitment to providing the highest level of satisfaction.
  19. Ability to handle multiple assignments with fluctuating priorities.
  20. Ensure professionalism and high level of customer service at all times.
  21. Maximize use of resources and staff time.
  22. Conduct all functions in accordance with The Village Family Services guidelines, policies, procedures and ethical standards.
  23. Attend staff meetings, agency wide meetings, trainings, and other meetings as assigned.
  24. Travels as required to meet accountabilities.


  1. Generate project schedules and create metrics to be reviewed at each project milestone
  2. Analyze materials and personnel needs prior to the onset of each project phase
  3. Collaborate with COO on the operations of the organization to meet business goals and projections.
  4. Collaborate closely with CEO/COO and produce reports on company operations.
  5. Empower the operational team with the leadership and resources they need to successfully complete operations initiatives.
  6. Positively represent the company at all times through a success-oriented and professional demeanor.
  7. Partner with C-level executives to accomplish short and long-term operational goals.
  8. Measure and report on operational performance and develop plans to improve relevant key performance indicators.
  9. Familiarity with the operational procedures at all levels of the organization
  10. Strong analytical and data-driven mindset that translates into leadership skills.11. Ability to communicate vision to board of directors, other C-level officers and company employees

Supervisory Responsibility:

This position manages all employees of the department and is responsible for the performance management and hiring of the employees within that department.


  1. Master’s degree in Business Administration, Law, Management or related areas,
  2. Ten (10) years of industry experience in leadership positions. or equivalent combination of education and experience in several of the administrative areas and at the highest level of a corporation.
  3. Ability to read, analyze and interpret complex documents.
  4. Ability to respond effectively to sensitive inquiries or complaints.
  5. Operations and IT experience
  6. Knowledge of the principles and practices of health and safety management.
  7. Knowledge of business principles.
  8. Knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations.
  9. Knowledge of relevant software.


Human Resources Department
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