Director of Foster Care and Adoption Administration

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The Village Family Services
June 22, 2019
North Hollywood - Los Angeles
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The Director of Foster Care and Adoption Administration will assure program operations and administration to meet our agency’s purpose, philosophy, goals and objectives. This individual will demonstrate strong organizational and management ability, effective interpersonal skills, and have excellent public relations and communication skills. This individual will establish relationships with county and community agencies and meet County expectations to enhance our Resource Family and Adoption Programs. This person will be knowledgeable and responsible for all aspects of Foster Care Administration, Title XXII regulations, and ensure compliance with the DCFS contracts, Agency Interim Licensing Standards (ILS) and Continuum of Care Reform Provisions. The Director will establish measurable goals and outcomes for program operations and track and evaluate for effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery. The individual will have knowledge and experience with the child welfare system and understanding of the impact of trauma on this population. This person will be proficient in understanding the agency Child and Family Team process.


All of the responsibilities listed below are considered essential functions of this position. Additionally, this position is expected to ensure adherence to the core operating values and the strategic direction of the agency.

  1. Leadership and management of RFA general operations, monitor and maintain the safety of children placed in care with TVFS RFA
  2. Assure state and county contract compliance, administer program operations of RFA, ISFC, TFC, and Adoptions in accordance with licensing standards, adherence to CCL requirements, and in compliance with DCFS guidelines and mandates
  3. Proficient knowledge of Interim Licensing Standards, RFA, and California’s Child Welfare Continuum of Care Reform Provisions
  4. Manage social workers caseloads and client ratios in accord with state, county, and licensing contracts and standards
  5. Hire and train competent and committed staff; evaluate and assure compliance of Social Worker training and contract requirements
  6. Evaluate organizational deficiencies and work closely with appropriate personnel for problem resolution and practice improvement; assure agency mission and vision are met, implement quality and systems improvement according to agency and CARF standards
  7. Respond to state, county and community care licensing requests for information; address and correct deficiencies as requested
  8. Monitor program capacity - communicates daily with intake coordinator regarding recent past and future intakes; reviews terminations, admissions, respites and vacancy list
  9. Effectively manage program development, expansion and relevant grant applications; provide planning, structure and accountability for program sustainability and ongoing strategic growth
  10. Corrects deficiencies that constitute immediate threats to the health and safety of children placed in the Resource Family Program’s certified family homes
  11. Support Recruitment and ISFC Program to increase the pool of beds and ISFC resource parents to enhance the matching process
  12. Work in collaboration and consult with RFA management team as needed individually or in weekly staff meetings to ensure the highest level of client care and placement stability to achieve departmental goals; provide updates to policy and/or CCL, DCFS mandates
  13. Provide ongoing administrative supervision and identify training needs for Resource Family staff; provide continuous staff oversite; collaborate with Clinical Directors to overcome crisis, barriers, and avoid placement disruptions
  14. Provide weekly capacity reports to VP of Programs
  15. Assist in the development of RFA, ISFC, TFC program policies and procedures
  16. Participates as needed in resource parent trainings in order to stay well-informed of ongoing activities and develop relationships with foster parents
  17. Monitor fiscal accountability maintaining balanced budget and spending oversite
  18. Interface as needed for contract and licensing requirements with DCFS, courts schools and other community liaisons
  19. Ensure that all agency and contractual paperwork is properly completed in EHRS, and that paperwork deadlines are met including: Needs and Service Plans, authorizations, DCFS contact notes, incident reports, billing and finance submissions and reports
  20. Develop schedule for after-hour phone line and monitor after-hour placements; Ensures duty worker coverage every day
  21. Facilitate staff development and oversee provision of trainings in DCFS documentation; supervise EHRS data entry and work-flow for RFA staff
  22. Knowledge of DCFS Level of Care (LOC) process and California Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) administration and scoring
  23. Promote and emphasize trauma informed care knowledge and utilization by staff
  24. Ensure 24-hour availability and staff coverage as required for DCFS compliance
  25. Conducts random, courtesy home visits
  26. Conducts random review of social worker’s chart documentation and compliance to visits and schedules
  27. Write/revise adoption policies/procedures as needed
  28. Supervise adoption program and monitor cases in transition into adoptive placement; assess caseloads and program resources
  29. Attend regularly scheduled agency wide meetings, utilization review meetings, community meetings and other meetings as required or assigned
  30. Conduct all functions in accordance with Agency guidelines, policies and procedures
  31. Comply with applicable professional licensing or certification requirements and ethics
  32. Arrange work schedule or required hours to the benefit of the program
  33. Perform other duties and responsibilities that may be necessary or in the best interest of the agency as assigned by Supervisor


  • Master’s degree in social work, psychology, counseling or related field.
  • Three years of supervisory experience in a child/family service program and two years of which have been in an administrative or managerial position
  • Minimum three years’ experience working children/youth/NMDs with emotional/behavioral and/or special health care needs
  • Experience in implementation and administration of foster care intensive services


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